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Changes in the Number of Travelers in Japan, 2019-2020 (updated data)

Due to the corona virus, the tourism industry is in the terrible situation. In 2019, the average number of people using hotels was about 49 million per month. Last year (2020), its number was reduced to 24 million. Nearly half of the demand has disappeared.

Figure: Number of tourists that have stayed in hotels in Japan, 2019 July - 2020 October


The government handed out subsidies to tourists and encouraged them to go sightseeing. As a result, the number of tourists increased after summer. However, since winter, the number of corona cases has increased again, and people have refrained from traveling.

Month Number of hotel users
2019 Jul 51,780,530
Aug 63,234,040
Sep 48,761,240
Oct 50,052,850
Nov 49,659,370
Dec 47,129,960
2020 Jan 43,156,910
Feb 37,443,380
Mar 23,940,920
Apr 9,706,670
May 7,785,180
Jun 14,240,840
Jul 21,578,040
Aug 26,149,030
Sep 26,020,820
Oct 32,412,890

The situation of travelers from overseas is still worse. The number of international visitors who stayed hotels decreased by 97% compared to 2019.

Figure: Number of hotel users from foreign countries to Japan, 2019 July - 2020 October


Month Number of hotel users (foreign visitors)reign visitors)
2019 Jul 10,801,410
Aug 9,486,460
Sep 8,260,400
Oct 10,262,020
Nov 9,064,070
Dec 9,182,820
2020 Jan 9,702,700
Feb 4,851,940
Mar 1,130,370
Apr 202,630
May 129,140
Jun 179,240
Jul 225,890
Aug 218,980
Sep 185,270
Oct 266,070

As of January 31, foreigners from all countries and regions are not allowed to enter Japan due to the state of emergency.


Source is Japan Tourism Agency.

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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.