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Water cistern (fish tank) = 2250 yen ($21.82 €19.69)

I bought a water cistern via It cost 2250 yen ($21.82 €19.69). Today I bought waterweed at Homac for 508 yen. Those are Brazilian Waterweed and Cabomba.

Volleyball = 2559 yen ($24.57 €22.39)

I bought a size 4 volleyball at Seiyu for 2559 yen ($24.57 €22.39). My son is learning volleyball at his school, and he practiced volleyball with this ball.

Charge for Using a Community Gym = 500 yen ($4.07 €3.79)

My daughter went to a community gym, which is run by the local ward (city). She visited there with a friend. They paid 500 yen ($4.07 €3.79) each to use the gym. At the gym, she used a running machine. She liked the gym, and she is plannin…

Entrance Fee for a Tennis School = 11,340 yen ($92.20 €85.91)

My daughter joined a tennis school. The entrance fee of it was 11,340 yen ($92.20 €85.91), including the lesson fee of the first month. My son used to go to that tennis school, but he gave up it, after 6 months training.

Goggles for near sight person = 2678 yen ($22.13 €19.69)

I cannot see things well with normal goggles, so I need goggles which have lens. I have old goggles, but its plastic parts are melted a little. I have dicided to buy new goggles. I bought new swimming goggles for near sight persons at Seiy…

Gardening Planter = 216 yen ($1.79 €1.59)

I bought a gerdening planter for 216 yen ($1.79 €1.59) at a 100 yen shop. 100 yen shops sell goods which prices are not 100 yen. I also bought packs of soil. My son planted a eggplant and a cucumber in the planter.

Cucumber pole = 108 yen ($0.89 €0.79)

I grow cucumbers in my house. To hold cucumber vines, I bought three cucumber poles at a 100 yen shop. The price was = 108 yen ($0.89 €0.79).

Gardening Soil = 108 yen ($0.88 €0.79)

My son grows tomatoes, eggplant, and cucumber. I bought a pack of soil for those vegetables in a 100 yen shop. The price was 108 yen ($0.88 €0.79) for 3.0L.

Fertilizer for home gardening = 100 yen ($0.81 €0.74)

My son grows tomatoes in my house. I bought a pack of fertilizer for tomatoes in a DIY shop. The price was 100 yen.

Nursery plant of cucumber = 73 yen ($0.59 €0.54)

Yesterday, I reported that I bought a baby eggplant. I also bought a pot of nursery plant of cucumber. The price was 73 yen ($0.59 €0.54). It is the same price as the eggplant.

Nursery plant of eggplant = 73 yen ($0.59 €0.54)

My son grows tomato at his school, and he is interested in growing vegetables. I bought a pot of nursery plant of eggplant in a DIY shop. The price was 73 yen ($0.59 €0.54).

Tennis Racket = 7999 yen ($67.79 €61.53)

Today I went to a sports goods shop with my son and bought my son's tennis racket. It cost 7999 yen ($67.79 €61.53). My son has the same type of the racket already. The new one is a spare racket. Here is a racket we bought (link to Amazon)…

Tennis racket = 7999 yen ($78.42 €56.73)

My wife and my son bought my son's tennis racket for 7999 yen ($78.42 €56.73) at SportsDepo. My son uses it in tennis club activities. In Japan soft tennis is also common, in addition to normal tennis. Soft tennis uses a soft rubber ball i…

Tennis shoes = 3999 yen ($39.21 €28.36)

My son joined the school tennis club. My wife and he bought his tennis shoes for 3999 yen ($39.21 €28.36) at SportsDepo. There are two types of tennis shoes in Japan. One is "for all types of courts", the other is "for OmniCourt". OmniCour…

Stuffed Toy = 970 yen ($9.60 €6.93)

My son likes stuffed toys. Several years ago he wanted to have a stuffed toy of "Kirby's Dream Land". I bought some of them. It cost 970 yen ($9.60 €6.93). The first one is Animal Kirby. It is Cook Kirby. My son also has a normal Kirby.

Catching a crab @ Tokyo bay = 0 yen

I went Jonanjima Kaihin seaside park with my son. We did crab fishing in the rocky area. There is no charge to enter the park. We made a fishing device like the below. It consists of a string and bait (dried squid). I dropped it between th…

Go to a school pool on weekends = 0 yen

The school my kid goes opens its pool on weekends in summer season. Residents can use the pool without charge. Unfortunately they open it only 3 weekends this year. My son went to the pool with his friends on last Sunday. The rule of usage…

Secondhand comics = half of the original price

I bought secondhand comic books. There is a secondhand book store named Bookoff near my house. Unfortunately they did not have what I wanted. I purchased the whole story through the Internet. The entire story consists of 21 books. The orig…

Map, book type = 1260 yen ($12.60 €9.69)

I bought a map book of Tokyo downtown for 1260 yen ($12.60 €9.69) at a book store. Its scale is 1/10,000 and covers all of 23 wards of Tokyo. Walking towns is my favorite hobby. When I go walking, I carry this map. ------------------------…

Nintendo Prepaid Card = 1000 yen ($10.10 €7.69)

There are several types of Nintendo Prepaid Card; 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 yen. My son bought a 1000 yen ($10.10 €7.69) card at Yamada Denki. On the card, the serial number is printed. When the user downloads the paid application/game from N…

Annual membership fee of a school club = 5000 yen ($51.02 €39.06)

My daughter participates a basketball club of her school. Its annual membership fee is 5000 yen ($51.02 €39.06). It is spent for various issues, like registration fee to an umbrella organization, shared gears, or a first aid kit. Once a ye…

Parts of a train engine (for rail fan) = Bid, starts from 1000 yen ($10.31 €7.87)

There was a fair at Tokyo Freight Terminal (railway cargo terminal). The terminal is located in my neighbor area, so my son and I went to the fair. There was no charge to enter that fair. As usual there were lots of guests, it was hard to …

Small stuffed animal of turtle = 360 yen ($3.71 €2.83)

My wife, my son and I went on a sightseeing trip to Enoshima island in Kanagawa Prefecture yesterday. (My daughter attended her club activities.) My son bought small stuffed animals of turtle for 360 yen ($3.71 €2.83) at Enoshima. This wee…

Small stones for a fish tank = 105 yen ($1.06 €0.81)

I bought a pack of small stones for my fish tank for 105 yen ($1.06 €0.81) at 100 yen shop. Some of you may wonder why I bought stones. You may think "why don't you pick up stones around the house?" You are right, but in Tokyo it is slight…

Feed (food) of gold fish = 105 yen ($1.12 €0.86)

To feed tadpoles I bought a pack of feed for gold fish. It cost 105 yen ($1.12 €0.86). Those are thin flakes broken easily. Its volume is 30 g. Having gold fish is common hobby in Japan. Many types of feed are sold in a 100 yen shop. If yo…

Water cistern (fish tank) = 525 yen ($5.53 €4.20)

In order to keep tadpoles I bought a fish tank for 525 yen ($5.53 €4.20). Its size is 30 cm * 20 cm * 20 cm. It is made by plastic. You can feed small fish or insects in this tank. Frog is a common creature in Japan. I captured tadpoles fr…

Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.