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Parts of a train engine (for rail fan) = Bid, starts from 1000 yen ($10.31 €7.87)

There was a fair at Tokyo Freight Terminal (railway cargo terminal). The terminal is located in my neighbor area, so my son and I went to the fair. There was no charge to enter that fair. As usual there were lots of guests, it was hard to see exhibited objects closely. 

Out-of-duty parts of train locomotives were sold at a corner. It was an auction and rail fans took bids. A cheap component is a car-number plate, and its bid started from 1000 yen ($10.31 €7.87). An expensive one is a locomotive's ID plate. The bid started from 280,000 yen ($2,886.60 €2,204.72). 



I bought a bottle of orange juice for my son. It cost 100 yen.

The following are the images of exhibited cars.


Electric locomotive


Hybrid (electric and oil) locomotive


Conductor's car






Container car


Today's headline of Japan

In Shizuoka, one car was being chased by a police car caused a crash. 18-years-old woman in the passenger's seat died. 25-years-old male driver tried to escape from the police because he drank alcohol. 

Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.