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List of Terrorist Incidents in Japan after 2000

Terrorist incident by a left wing group:

Arson attack at the office of Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform

2001 Aug 7

A socialist group Kakumeiteki-roudosha-kyokai Kaihoha (革命的労働者協会解放派set on fire at the office of Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform which is a conservative group. The door was partially burned.


Terrorist incidents by right wing groups:

Serial blackmails by Volunteer Army Unit for Punishing Traitors

2002 Oct - 2003 Nov

Volunteer Army Unit for Punishing Traitors (建国義勇軍) sent blackmails to various groups and set fake bombs. The targets were Korean related organizations, cults, socialist party and a public official. They also shot warning gun fires to the targets. Volunteer Army Unit for Punishing Traitors committed 24 incidents. After those, the members were arrested and incidents had come to an end.


Murder of a House of Representative member Koki Ishii

2002 Oct 25

A right wing member Hakusui Ito stabbed House of Representative Ishii with a knife at Ishii's parking lot.
There is a rumor that Ishii knew a big scandal of the ruling party and he was assassinated by someone who wanted to keep that secret. The killer Ito denies it and he says he killed Ishii because of his personal malice. In the chaos after the murder, his briefcase was emptied by an unknown person and the papers on which the secret was written were missing. In order to remove the briefcase from him, Ishii's left mid finger was intentionally cut. The papers are still not found.


Throwing a fire bomb into Nikkei newspaper building

2006 Jul 21

A right wing member Motohide Hiraoka threw a petrol bomb at the head office of the economic daily Nikkei in Tokyo. Nobody had been injured in the attack. Hiraoka was upset about a Nikkei's article of Emperor Hirohito.


Arson attack at the house of House of Representative member Koichi Kato

2006 Aug 15

A right wing member Masahiro Horikome set on a fire Kato's house. Fortunately Kato's family was safe. Kato had become a target of nationalists for his criticism of prime minister's visits to Yasukuni Shrine, where 14 wartime leaders convicted of war crimes are enshrined.


Throwing a fire bomb into the building of Ministry of Defense

2007 Jul 25

A right wing member Yujiro Makita threw a petrol bomb into the building of Ministry of Defense. No casualty was reported. Makita was upset that Japan always follow the US. The police found a written statement in his house, containing criticism of former Defense Minister Fumio Kyuma comment that the WWII atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has been inevitable.


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