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Cosmetic Products Market Share in Japan, 2013

Nikkei newspaper estimated the 2013 market share of cosmetic products in Japan. According to it, all of top 5 manufacturers are domestic companies. 

There are several reports of the cosmetic products market share on the internet. Those reports have different results, because every researcher uses a different method to calculate the share. But Shiseido is always in the first place in those reports. Probably it is certain that Shiseido is the market share leader. 

The amount of total shipment in 2013 was 1.2 trillion yen (1 220 300 000 000 yen: $11 billion: 8.8 million Euro).


Manufacturer Market share (%)
Shiseido 20.7
Kanebo 15.5
KOSÉ 11.0
Kao 6.6
Others 35.8

The source of the market share is Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun newspaper, the article on 2014 July 28th.

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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.