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Laser surgery for nose allergy = 16,820 yen ($169.90 €125.52)

I had a laser surgery for nose allergy. It cost 16,820 yen ($169.90 €125.52). I have strong house-dust allergy. The tissue inside nose swells gradually, then it causes stuffy nose. So far, I had laser surgeries three times to burn to remove inside nose tissue in order to make room of breathing. "CO2 laser, Argon laser etc" are usually applied to burn the tissue.

For the surgery I went to a doctor's office seven times for 2 months. 

At the first session, the doctor checked my condition. I also had a blood test.

At the second session, the actual surgery was operated. Before the operation, the doctor put gauze with anesthetic chemical into my nose to anesthetize it. 10 minutes later, the doctor withdrew gauze, then laser treatment started. Laser operation took 15 minutes for the right nose operation, then more 15 minutes was taken for the left nose. I was able to leave the doctor's office after 30 minutes of the surgery. 

After the surgery the doctor checked my nose condition regularly, once a week, because the status of my nose was the same as the status of burn injury. Burned status continued 3 weeks. After that the tissue got thin.

Unfortunately, the tissue is getting thicker as long as I have allergy. A few year later I will have the same problem again.


CO2 laser

Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.