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What Causes Inhalation Accidents in Japan, 2012

Some people inhale toxic chemical accidentally. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is gathering reports of inhalation accidents from some contracted hospitals and Japan Poison Information Center. In 2012, the ministry gathered 1101 cases. The below is the breakdown of it.

Table : Causes of Inhalation Accidents in Japan, 2012 

Cause Case
Insecticide 296
Home cleaning agent 175
Bleach 127
Fragrance 87
Disinfectant 44
Insecticide (for gardening) 35
Insect repellent 32
Kitchen detergent 32
Extinguishing agent 31
Repellent 24
Others 218


In terms of age, 39.9% of inhalers were under nine years old kids.

48.1% of chemical agents were spray type. 28.6% of chemical agents were liquid type.

Source is Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

平成24年度 家庭用品等に係る健康被害病院モニター報告

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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.