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Muslim Population in Japan

Muslim population in Japan is approximately 100,000.

There are no official statistic data of Muslim population in Japan. Professor Tanada at Waseda university researched Muslim population in Japan as of 2011. He estimated that approximately 100,000 Muslim people live in Japan. Here is the breakdown of Muslim population in Japan, 2011.

Table 1: Muslim population in Japan, 2011

Type Population
Muslim people in foreign citizens 91,744
Japanese Muslim 11,189
Muslim in illegal aliens 2,632
Total  105,565

Table 2 : Population of Muslim people staying in Japan by the country of origin

From Population
Indonesia 19,169
Philippines 10,719
China 10,307
Pakistan 9,897
Bangladesh 8,985
Malaysia 5,052
Iran 4,754
Thailand 3,715
India 2,758
Turkey 2,483
Nigeria 1,378
Egypt 1,344
Russia 1,250
Afghanistan 1,137
Others 8,796


Source is "Muslim Population in the World and Japan, 2011", Hirofumi Tanada, 2013

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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.