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How many police officers in Tokyo

46,146 persons work for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police as of 2013 Dec 31. It consists of 43,305 police officers and 2841 other staffs. Tokyo Metropolitan Police releases the number of officers by rank.

Police officer ranks are like the table below.

Top 警視総監 Superintendent General
2 警視監 Senior Commissioner
3 警視長 Commissioner 
4 警視正 Assistant Commissioner 
5 警視 Superintendent
6 警部 Chief Inspector
7 警部補 Inspector
8 巡査部長 Sergeant
Front line 巡査 Police Officer 

Actually there is an unofficial rank "巡査長 Senior Police Officer" between Sergeant and Police Officer. 

The below table shows the number of police officers in Tokyo Metropolitan Police by rank.

Rank Number
Superior than Assistant Commissioner  79
Superintendent 1081
Chief Inspector 2463
Inspector 12791
Sergeant 13231
Police Officer  13660

I was surprised that there are so many Inspectors and Sergeants in the police.

Source is Tokyo Metropolitan Police.


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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.