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Mobile phone/Smartphone penetration in Japan, 2014 March

Japan Cabinet Office conducts surveys about the penetration rate of consumer durable goods every year. According to it, 93.2% of the households in Japan have mobile phones, as of 2014 March. Smartphone penetration rate is 54.7%.

The table below shows the penetration rate for households of consumer durable goods in 2014 March.

Goods   Penetration per household (%)
"Washlet"   76.0
Clothes dryer    55.2
Washing-up machine for dishes   30.9
Air conditioner   90.6
TV   96.5
DVD/Blu-ray Disc player   71.3
Video camera   40.1
Digital camera   76.5
Personal Computer   78.7
Tablet PC   20.9
Fax   57.4
Mobile phone   93.2
Smartphone 54.7
Other than smartphone 73.7
Car   81.0

Figure: Penetration rate for households of consumer durable goods in 2014 March


Source is Japan Cabinet Office.

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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.