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People's thought about feeding stray cats (in Tokyo)

In Tokyo, sometimes we can see someone (usually a middle aged person or old person) is feeding a stray cat. They buy foods for cats by themselves and give them to stray cats on the street. Both of feeder and cat do not clean up leftover foods, so the street turned to be messy sometimes.

According to Tokyo Metropolitan's survey in 2011-2012, 58 % of Tokyo residents think feeding stray cats is not good.

Table 1:Have you seen someone was feeding a stray cat?

Often see feeding 22.1
Sometimes see feeding 31.7
Seldom see feeding 20.9
Never 23.6
No answer 1.8

Number of samples are 1472.


Table 2: What do you think about feeding stray cats?

I want to feed cats also 6.3
I like to see feeding, but I do not feed 9.3
Bad activity 57.5
Nothing special 7.0
Others 12.4
No answer 7.5

Number of sample is 1472.


Source is Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health.

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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.