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What Cat Behavior Annoys You?

Yesterday I posted an article about people's feeling on dogs in the neighborhood. Today I will report a cat version. According to Tokyo Metropolitan's survey in 2011-2012, 83 % of Tokyo residents think they are annoyed by cats in their neighborhood.

Table1: Do cats in your neighborhood annoy you?

Annoyed by cats 61.9
Slightly annoyed by cats 21.1
Not annoyed at all 13.0
Others 2.1
No answer 2

Number of sample is 1472.


Same as the dog's case, cat feces annoy people most.

Table 2: What cat behavior annoys you?

Feces (poop) 89
Urine (pee) 67.4
Making a mess 44.5
Smell 43.4
Cat call 42
Scavenging food from garbage 30.7
Others 6.8

multiple answer allowed. Number of sample is 937.


Source is Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health.

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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.