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Top 5 Popular Color of Japanese Gravestone

An internet portal site of Japanese gravestone Hakaishi-navi (墓石ナビ) announced the ranking of popular colors for gravestone. Here is the ranking of them.


No.1 Grayish


Grayish is the standard color of gravestones.


No.2 Whitish


Whitish is common in Kanto (around Tokyo) area.


No.3 Black


Black used to be a direful color for gravestones, but in modern era people does not care. Black became more common.


No.4 Reddish


Red was also a direful color for gravestones in the old days. Now people think freely from superstition. Red became common, too.


No.5 Greenish Gray or Bluish Gray


It is hard to tell what is Greenish Gray or Bluish Gray. It is almost gray. Anyway it is popular in Kansai (around Kyoto, Osaka) area.

The image below is Japanese boneyard.


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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.