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Notable Earthquakes in March 2014 in Japan

The table below shows notable earthquakes in March 2014 in Japan. Total 159 earthquakes which were greater than "earthquake intensity 1" were observed in March. 

Earthquake No. 4 was the strongest earthquake and Japan Meteorological Agency issued Earthquake Early Warning for the earthquake. 21 residents got injured and 26 houses were partially damaged by that earthquake. No tsunami was observed. 

Japan Meteorological Agency says number of afterquake of "2011.3.11 Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake" is gradually decreasing. There were only two afterquakes which were greater than "earthquake intensity 5" in March. (In February there were four.)

No.   Date Earthquake center Earthquake center Magnitude Earthquake intensity

Strongest quake observed at

1 Mar 3 沖縄本島北西沖 Near Okinawa proper 6.4 4 Okinawa
2 Mar 3 沖縄本島近海 Near Okinawa proper 5 3 Okinawa
3 Mar 12 千葉県北西部 Chiba 4.4 3 Kanagawa
4 Mar 14 伊予灘 Iyo nada sea 6.2 upper 5 Ehime
5 Mar 17 福島県 in the waters off Fukushima 5.1 3 Fukushima
6 Mar 19 台湾付近 Near Taiwan 6 2 Okinawa
7 Mar 22 伊予灘 Iyo nada sea 4.2 3 Ehime
8 Mar 26 薩南諸島東方沖 in the waters off Satsunan Islands 5.3 3 Kagoshima Prefecture


Size of circle indicates magnitude. Color of circle indicates depth of hypocenter. Source is Japan Meteorological Agency.


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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.