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Borrowing DVD from city library = 0 yen

We can borrow DVD without charge at one of the library near my house. There are two city libraries near my house. One lends DVDs, another not. I borrowed two DVDs from the library recently.


The left one is Red dragon, the right one is The Bridge on The River Kwai.


Today's headline of Japan

Tokyo June 28

Crazy man attacked kids in front of the school gate, three boys were injured.  When 1st grade kids are leaving from the school, one man came to the school gate by his car. After he got off his car, suddenly attacked 6-7 years old boys with a knife. Two boys were cut on their neck, one of them was taken to the hospital, third boy was cut on his elbow. He got a serious injury. An 71-years-old school crossing guard protected kids with his flag. And teachers reported to the scene. The suspect ran away by his car. Some witnesses reported his car's license number to the police. A few hours later 47-years-old man was arrested.  

2014 update: Because of mental disorder he was not prosecuted.

Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.