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Door stopper = 1500 yen ($15.00 €11.54)

My wife bought a door stopper for 1500 yen ($15.00 €11.54) through COOP. The former door stopper did not work well, it can not hold the door. So my wife decided to buy new one. 




Today's headline of Japan

Nagano July 25

21-years-old man illegally dumped large quantities of foods onto the road in the early morning on June 18th.

He used to work for a supermarket. He brought foods (including noodles, breads, Chinese foods) out from the store, then threw out foods from his car while he was driving it. The police sent papers to prosecutors about this issue. He told the police he wanted to harass his boss. The name of the store were printed on the packages of the dumped foods. He thought if the residents saw the package, reputation of the store would go down.    

Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.