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Golden hamster = 1200 yen ($12.12 €8.96)

My son bought a golden hamster for 1200 yen ($12.12 €8.96) at a pet shop. He also bought hamster foods for 498 yen ($5.03 €3.72). The shop master put hamster in a small box, and my son carried it for to my house. It took 45 minutes from the pet shop to my house on foot. My son worried about that the hamster might die while 45 minutes passage. Fortunately the hamster was OK. He forgot to ask the shop master the hamster's gender. So we do not know the hamster is he or she.



hamster food


Hamster running wheel = 850 yen ($8.76 €6.44)

My wife bought a running wheel for hamster at a supermarket. It cost 850 yen ($8.76 €6.44). It is designed not to make noisy sound when a hamster is running. Unfortunately it does not fit the cage we have. It makes noise when the hamster is running. 




Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.