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Top 10 Dream Jobs of Japanese Boys

Here is the ranking of dream jobs which Japanese boys (pre-school kids and elementary school kids) want to be. It is 2013 version. Girls' version is here

Rank Occupation   point
1 Professional soccer player サッカー選手 11.7
2 Scholar/Academic doctor 学者・博士 6.1
2 Policeman 警察官 6.1
3 Professional baseball player 野球選手 5.8
4 Hero テレビアニメのヒーロー 4.0
5 Spaceman 宇宙飛行士 3.7
5 Food shop owner 食べ物屋 3.7
5 Motorman/Driver 運転士 3.7
8 Medical doctor 医者 3.4
9 Firefighter 消防士 3.2
9 Carpenter 大工 3.2

The survey was conducted by The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited.

Professional football player is most popular. Many kids join local soccer clubs, so they can easily imagine that job. Hero means a fictional character in TV show/anime. Pre-school kid sometimes says "I want to be Superman."

Score! World Goals

Score! World Goals


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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.