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Statistics of Drug Crime in Japan

In 2012, 13,466 persons were arrested by drug crimes. Some criminals were arrested twice or more, so the total number of cases is 19,116. Here is the detail of it.

Type of crime   Number
Stimulant drug Arrested case 16,362
  Arrested person 11,577
Marijuana Arrested case 2,220
  Arrested person 1,603
Narcotic and Psychotropic Drug Arrested case 526
      of which MDMA 162
      of which cocaine 148
      of which heroin 51
      of which others 165
  Arrested person 280
Opium Arrested case 8
  Arrested person 6
Total Arrested case 19,116
  Arrested person 13,466



Source is National Police Agency

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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.