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Number of Private Investigators in Japan

There are 5546 registered private investigators in Japan. Private eyes have to register themselves at the local police. Registration cost is 3600 yen. Providing service without registration is illegal. Three persons were arrested by the unauthorized practice in 2012.

Here is the number of registered private investigators in Japan.

現存届出数 Currently active 5546
   個人     of which Individual 4090
   法人     of which Company 1456


新規届出数 Newcomer in 2012 938
   個人     of which Individual 742
   法人     of which Company 196


廃止届出数 Quit in 2012 737
死亡 Unregistered by Death in 2012 5

Source is National Police Agency.

SHERLOCK / シャーロック [Blu-ray]

SHERLOCK / シャーロック [Blu-ray]


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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.