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What Kind of Restaurant is Popular in Japan

The following table presents for which type of restaurant Japanese people spent money. Unit is yen. It is the yearly average figure from 2011 to 2013. The survey was conducted by the Japanese government and target people were families which consist of more than two members. So this data does not include single households.

Japanese people spend the largest amount of money to Japanese cuisine restaurants. In terms of frequency, Japanese cuisine restaurant is the top also.

The unit price of Sushi is expensive, and Sushi restaurants get a high figure in the statistics with fewer visits. The unit price of noodles and hamburger are relatively cheap.

I go noodles' restaurants more often. 

Type of restaurant Spent money (yen) $ Euro
Japanese noodle (Soba, Udon) 5,376 54 38
Chinese noodle (Ramen) 5,492 55 39
Other noodle 1,949 19 14
Sushi 13,387 134 95
Japanese cuisine 21,197 212 150
Chinese cuisine 4,371 44 31
Western cuisine 16,971 170 120
Hamburger 4,329 43 31
Others 52,594 526 373


Source is Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.


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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.