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What Fruit is Popular in Japan

The following table shows yearly consumption of fruits per capita in Japan. Unit is gram. It is the average figure from 2011 to 2013.

Fruit Consumption (g)
Banana 19396
Mikan 12099
Apple  12069
Other citrus  5452
Pear 4242
Watermelon 4102
Strawberry  2808
Japanese persimmon 2781
Grapes  2404
Melon  2335
Grapefruit  2087
Orange  2033
Peach 1716
Kiwi fruit  1515
Other fruits  5405


Source is Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.


Some of you are not familiar with Mikan (ミカン) and Japanese persimmon (カキ). 

Mikan is a related species of tangerine or mandarin orange. It was developped in Kagoshima prefecture 500 years ago.


The above statistics are based on consumption volume. Next one shows the statistics by yearly purchased amount (money based stats). Unit is yen.

Fruit Purchased amount (yen)
Apple  4675
Mikan 4438
Banana 4233
Strawberry  3258
Grapes  2290
Other citrus  2169
Fruit processed products 2111
Pear 1983
Watermelon 1398
Melon  1209
Peach 1176
Kiwi fruit  1132
Japanese persimmon 1063
Orange  684
Grapefruit  525
Other fruits  4096



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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.