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Density of PM2.5 in Tokyo

Currently China suffers severe air pollution. Pollution substance PM2.5 is drifted to Korea and Japan. The following figure shows the density of PM2.5 in Tokyo during last three months.

2013 Nov - 2014 Jan.


2013 Dec - 2014 Feb.


Source is Ministry of the Environment.


Fukuoka city official recommends;

if it is predicted that the density of PM2.5 exceeds 35μg/m³, residents had better 

  • wear a face mask when going outdoors, 
  • wash eyes and throat when coming back to home,
  • not dry laundry outdoors,
  • not ventilate air of rooms,
  • not open car windows while driving,
  • not wash a car outdoors.


The map shows the degree of pollution on Feb 25. Around Beijing, there are many hazardous places (red purple). You can see real time data at "Air Pollution in Japan: Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map".



Source is (

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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.