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Top 10 National Universities in Japan, Category of Faculty of Agriculture

The following is the ranking of Faculty of Agriculture in Japanese national universities. The ranking is based on difficulty of passing the entrance examination. For instance, it is the hardest to pass the entrance exam of University of Tokyo.

    University  Deviation score
1 東京大学 University of Tokyo 66-70
2 京都大学 Kyoto University 61-65
3 名古屋大学 Nagoya University 55-60
3 神戸大学 Kobe University 55-60
3 東京農工大学 Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology 55-60
3 九州大学 Kyushu University 55-60
3 筑波大学 University of Tsukuba 55-60
3 東北大学 Tohoku University 55-60
3 千葉大学 Chiba University 55-60
3 北海道大学 Hokkaido University 55-60
3 京都府立大学 Kyoto Prefectural University 55-60
12 東京海洋大学 Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology 53-54
12 大阪府立大学 Osaka Prefecture University 53-54
12 岐阜大学 Gifu University 53-54
12 信州大学 Shinshu University 53-54
12 茨城大学 Ibaraki University 53-54
12 静岡大学 Shizuoka University 53-54

Score is based on scores released by several businesses (Yoyogi Seminar, Kawaijuku, Sundai prep) which support students to pass the exam.

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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.