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Ranking of National Universities in Japan, Category of Veterinary Major

There are only 16 universities/colleges have veterinary course. Every university/college is difficult to enter, because veterinarian is a popular job. 11 of them are in national universities. They are almost on the same level. The following is the ranking by difficulty of passing the entrance examination.  

  University University Deviation score
1 東京大学 University of Tokyo 66-70
2 東京農工大学 Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology 66-70
2 北海道大学 Hokkaido University 66-70
4 鹿児島大学 Kagoshima University 62-65
4 岐阜大学 Gifu University 62-65
4 山口大学 Yamaguchi University 62-65
4 大阪府立大学 Osaka Prefecture University 62-65
4 帯広畜産大学 Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine 62-65
4 宮崎大学 University of Miyazaki 62-65
4 岩手大学 Iwate University 62-65
4 鳥取大学 Tottori University 62-65

Score is based on scores released by several businesses (Yoyogi Seminar, Kawaijuku, Sundai prep) which support students to pass the exam.

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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.