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Ranking of National Universities in Japan, Faculty of Law category, by difficulty of passing the entrance exam

There are two types of universities in Japan; National/Public universities and Private universities.

National universities are run by the government. And public universities are run by prefectures/municipalities. Private universities are run by private sectors.

The tuition fee of national/public universities is less expensive than the fee of private universities. 

Each university and each faculty have their own measurement to choose applicants. So it is hard to combine all universities and all faculties into one ranking list. The following list tells only about "faculty/department of law (law school)" category.

The systems of the entrance examination are different between national/public universities and private universities. Hence the ranking of national universities and the ranking of private universities are commonly divided. This time the list shows about only national universities. 

Deviation score is a kind of index which indicates the difficulty level. Large number means that it is hard to enter that university. For instance, The University of Tokyo is the hardest school to get into. 


    University Deviation score
1 東京大学 The University of Tokyo 65-70
2 一橋大学 Hitotsubashi University 65-70
2 京都大学 Kyoto University 65-70
2 大阪大学 Osaka University 65-70
5 名古屋大学 Nagoya University 60-64
5 神戸大学 Kobe University 60-64
5 東北大学 Tohoku University 60-64
5 九州大学 Kyushu University 60-64
5 北海道大学 Hokkaido University 60-64
10 横浜国立大学 Yokohama National University 57-59
10 首都大学東京 Tokyo Metropolitan University 57-59
10 大阪市立大学 Osaka City University 57-59
10 千葉大学 Chiba University 57-59
10 広島大学 Hiroshima University 57-59
10 京都府立大学 Kyoto Prefectural University 57-59
16 金沢大学 Kanazawa University 55-56
16 岡山大学 Okayama University 55-56
18 新潟大学 Niigata University 52-54
18 熊本大学 Kumamoto University 52-54
18 信州大学 Shinshu University 52-54
18 高崎経済大学 Takasaki City University of Economics 52-54
18 静岡大学 Shizuoka University 52-54
18 三重大学 Mie University 52-54
18 香川大学 Kagawa University 52-54
25 岩手大学 Iwate University 49-51
25 山形大学 Yamagata University 49-51


Score is based on scores released by several businesses (Yoyogi Seminar, Kawaijuku, Sundai prep) which support students to pass the exam.

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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.