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Ironing board = 770 yen ($7.55 €5.92)

I bought an ironing borad (ironing table) for 770 yen ($7.55 €5.92) at Seiyu. Its size is 60 cm * 36 cm.




It is the cheapest borad. There was a 1770 yen board with the same size. 


Today's headline of Japan

Hokkaido June 3

Stray cat accidentally killed by the city authority. In Japan feral (wild) dogs/cats are gathered by city authorities, killed at Animal Centers. One stray cat with a collar was caught by the police last month. The police entrusted the cat to Sapporo city Animal Center. The cat was very savage. So no one of the Center noticed the cat had the collar. Then the cat was put into feral cats band. Finally the cat was accidentally killed with others. After that Animal Center found the dead cat had the collar. Actually the cat was some woman's pet. She was searching her pet, reported to Animal Center her pet was missing. Animal Center realized the dead cat was hers, and apologized to her.

Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.