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Compartment of graveyard = from 980,000 yen ($9,800.00 €7,538.46)

Generally we have our family's grave (tomb) in a temple yard. When a common Japanese died, s/he was burned and only bones were kept in the grave. Family's grave is shared from ancestors to descendants. There are several members' bones are stored in one grave.

If your family does not have your own grave, you have to buy one compartment of grave. Compartments are on sale at my neighbor temple, the price is 980,000 yen ($9,800.00 €7,538.46) at the minimum (0.2 square meter). 



Today's headline of Japan

Shiga May 28

Missing two kids were found in this morning. Yesterday they got lost during mountain hiking, tried to come back to the base camp walking along the water stream. But they faced a waterfall. They were stuck and stayed there at night. In this morning they changed their direction, climbed up the mountain. Finally they reached hiker's trail on the ridge line where the policemen found them.  Fortunately they had some foods and drinks. 

Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.