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List of Horse Racecourses in Japan, 2016

There are two types of horse racing in Japan. One is the nationwide horse racing run by Japan Racing Association (JRA). The other is horse racing run by local government. The following shows the lists of racecourses in Japan, as of 2016.

Racecourses of Japan Racing Association

Racecourse Prefecture
Sapporo Racecourse Hokkaido
Hakodate Racecourse Hokkaido
Fukushima Racecourse Fukushima
Niigata Racecourse Niigata
Tokyo Racecourse Tokyo
Nakayama Racecourse Chiba
Chukyo Racecourse Aichi
Kyoto Racecourse Kyoto
Hanshin Racecourse Hyogo
Kokura Racecourse Fukuoka

Racecourses for the Racing by Local Governments

Racecourse Prefecture
Obihiro Racecourse Hokkaido
Monbetsu Racecourse Hokkaido
Morioka Racecourse Iwate
Mizusawa Racecourse Iwate
Urawa Racecourse Saitama
Ohi Racecourse Tokyo
Kawasaki Racecourse Kanagawa
Funabashi Racecourse Chiba
Nagoya Racecourse Aichi
Kasamatsu Racecourse Gifu
Kanazawa Racecourse Ishikawa
Sonoda Racecourse Hyogo
Himeji Racecourse Hyogo
Kochi Racecourse Kochi
Saga Racecourse Saga

Sources are Japan Racing Association ( and National Association of Racing (

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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.