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Coronavirus Cases in Japan, 2020 Feb 6

As of February 6th, there are 16 coronavirus cases in Japan. The following is the detail of it.

Table: Coronavirus cases in Japan, 2020 Feb 6

No. Date of diagnosis Age Gender Residence Status Infected to Number of close contact
1 15-Jan 30s Male Kanagawa complete recovery None 38
2 24-Jan 40s Male China (Wuhan) remission None 32
3 25-Jan 30s Female China (Wuhan) remission None 7
4 26-Jan 40s Male China (Wuhan) remission No.19 2
5 28-Jan 40s Male China (Wuhan) complete recovery None 3
6 28-Jan 60s Male Nara stable No.8, No.12 22
7 28-Jan 40s Female China (Wuhan) remission None 2
8 29-Jan 40s Female Osaka complete recovery No.6 2
9 30-Jan 50s Male Mie Prefecture stable None 3
10 30-Jan 30s Female China (Hunan) stable None 1
11 30-Jan 20s Female Kyoto stable None None
12 31-Jan 20s Female Chiba stable No.6 1
13 4-Feb 30s Female China (Wuhan) under treatment No.15 4
14 4-Feb 50s Male China (Hubei) complete recovery No.4 Under the investigation
15 5-Feb 40s Male China (Wuhan) under treatment No.13 Under the investigation
16 5-Feb 20s Male Kyoto under treatment Under the investigation Under the investigation

Source is Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. 新型コロナウイルス感染症の現在の状況と厚生労働省の対応について(令和2年2月6日版)

Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.