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Human Deaths Caused by Animals in Japan, 2012

Last year 41 Japanese were killed by animals/insects. Here are the statistics of the causes of death by animals/insects.

Causes Causes Number of deaths
ネズミによる咬傷 bitten by mouse 0
犬による咬傷又は打撲 bitten/hit by dog 3
その他の哺乳類による咬傷又は打撲 bitten/hit by other mammal 9
爬虫類による咬傷又は挫滅 bitten/hit by reptile 1
毒ヘビ及び毒トカゲとの接触 contact with poisonous snake/lizard 5
毒グモとの接触 contact with poisonous spider 0
サソリとの接触 contact with scorpion 0
スズメバチ,ジガバチ及びミツバチとの接触 contact with hornet/wasp/bee 22
ムカデ及び有毒ヤスデ(熱帯)との接触 contact with poisonous chilopod 0
その他の有毒節足動物との接触 contact with other poisonous insect 0
有毒海生動植物との接触 contact with poisonous sea life 1

Source is Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry.

Hornet is the most dangerous lifeform in Japan next to human.

f:id:nbakki:20131029233252j:plainPhoto by me'nthedogs

I think "bitten/hit by other mammal" means attack by a bear or a boar, but not sure.

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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.