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Umbrella for kids = 980 yen ($9.90 €7.42)

I bought an umbrella for my son for 680 yen ($6.87 €5.15) at Shimamura. It was a discounted price. The original price was 980 yen ($9.90 €7.42). Its diameter is 60 cm. The diameter of my umbrella is 70 cm. So it is a little bit smaller than normal size.



I also bought my son's shoes for 1990 yen ($20.10 €15.08) at Ito-Yokado. They are Shunsoku brans. My son always wears Shunsoku brand.




Around 22 PM, my kids noticed that they need new notebooks for tomorrow's classes.

Seiyu was already closed. So I went to Ito-Yokado to buy notebooks. One is Chinese character's (Kanji's) workbook. It cost 120 yen ($1.21 €0.91).



inside the notebook


The other is a common notebook. It cost 348 yen for 5 packs ($3.52 €2.64) (70 yen per one notebook).



Today's headline of Japan

Typhoon MAN-YI (No. 18) hit Japan proper, 3 died, 6 are missing.

Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.