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How to read Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen (Bullet train) fare table

2017 March 30 updated

There are three types of Tokaido Shinkansen (Bullet trains). One is Nozomi (meaning HOPE) which is faster and expensive, Others are Hikari (LIGHT) and Kodama (ECHO) which are cheaper, stop frequently. 

Here is the fare table for Tokaido Shinkansen of Nozomi (expensive) version. It includes Sanyo Shinkansen's fare. You can find Shinkan-sen's ticket price in the table. 

For short-stay foreign visitors, JR Rail Pass is the first choice to use Shinkansen with reasonable cost. 


The entire table can be downloaded from TOKAIDO/SANYO SHINKANSEN "NOZOMI" FARES

How to read the table:

In the following table, red square means basic fare, blue means surchage, green means "non-reserved seat (you may have to stand up for 3 hours in a train)". At least you need "red+blue" or "red+green".


If you want to go to Kyoto from Shinagawa, see the cross point of the both stations (please see the next table). In this case, the price is 13,910 yen (8,210+5,700).




The table for the cheaper service (Hikari and Kodama) is available from TOKAIDO/SANYO SHINKANSEN FARES & SURCHARGES(¥).

You need both of red and blue for this service. For the following case (Shinagawa to Shizuoka), your fare is 3350+3000=6350 yen.



Important Note:

Surcharges vary according to seasons. In the peak season you need to pay more 200 yen in addtion to the regular price. In the case of Shinagawa to Kyoto, you have to pay 14,110 yen (13,910+200). In the off-season 200 yen is discounted from the regular price.

The following is the "season" calendar. Blue indicates Off season, Pink indicates Peak season. 






These tables cover the following stations;

  • Tokyo 東京
  • Shinagawa 品川
  • Shin-Yokohama 新横浜
  • Odawara 小田原
  • Atami 熱海
  • Mishima 三島
  • Shin-Fuji 新富士
  • Shizuoka 静岡
  • Kakegawa 掛川
  • Hamamatsu 浜松
  • Toyohashi 豊橋
  • Mikawa-Anjo 三河安城
  • Nagoya 名古屋
  • Gifu-Hashima 岐阜羽島
  • Maibara 米原
  • Kyoto 京都
  • Shin-Osaka 新大阪
  • Shin-Kobe 新神戸
  • Nishi-Akashi 西明石
  • Himeji 姫路
  • Aioi 相生
  • Okayama 岡山
  • Shin-Kurashiki 新倉敷
  • Fukuyama 福山
  • Shin-Onomichi 新尾道
  • Mihara 三原
  • Higashi-Hiroshima 東広島
  • Hiroshima 広島
  • Shin-Iwakuni 新岩国
  • Tokuyama 徳山
  • Shin-Yamaguchi (formerly Ogori) 新山口
  • Asa 厚狭
  • Shin-Shimonoseki 新下関
  • Kokura 小倉
  • Hakata 博多


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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.