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Admission fee of Nagoya TV Tower = 600 yen ($6.12 €4.62)

Report from Nagoya:

I visited Nagoya TV Tower. Its admission fee is 600 yen ($6.12 €4.62). Half price is required for kids (under 12). The tower is 180 metres high. It has two main observation decks at the 90 metres hight and 100 metres. I have been to the decks.

In 2011, the tower had finished its role as a TV tower, because of replacement of analog broadcasting by digital broadcasting. Seto digtal tower near Nagoya succeed its role. Nagoya TV Tower lost main revenue from TV stations. Its financial status is in danger.




view from the deck, you can see Nagoya castle in the red square


magnified image for Nagoya castle






Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.