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To see a sports festival of an elementary school = 0 yen

There was a sports day at the elementary school my son goes to. I went to the school to see it. Students' family can enter the school. There is no charge to watch the sports festival. I am not sure whether strangers are officially allowed to enter the school or not. But actually anyone can enter the school at the sports day. There is no strict check at the entrance.



Today's headline of Japan

Tokyo June 15

45-years-old man was pushed off the platform of Ooimachi station by another man. After the falling a train was coming into the station. Fortunately the dropped man escaped into evacuation area under the platform. The train did not run over him. But he got a wrist broken injury at the falling. According to the police, the victim and the suspect had an argument in a train before this incident. The police are trying to find the pusher on suspicion of attempted murder.

Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.