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Examination fee of Japan Kanji Aptitude Test = 1500 yen ($14.71 €11.36)

My son is going to take Japan Kanji Aptitude Test. It examines ability to read and write kanji (characters from ancient China), to understand their meanings and use them correctly in sentences, and to identify correct stroke order. It was developed for native Japanese speakers. Examination fee is 1500 yen ($14.71 €11.36) for level 6. For other class, see the below, as of 2014 Feb 11.

Level 1 4,500 yen
Level Jun 1 4,000 yen
Level 2 3,500 yen
Level  Jun 2 to 4 1,800 yen
Level  5 to 7 1,500 yen
Level  8 to 10 1,000 yen


This is a workbook for the test. The workbook cost 700 yen ($7.00 €5.38).


Today's headline of Japan

Okayama May 25

Two kids were drown at the river. Younger brother (6) was saved by the eyewitness, but 8-years-old girl died. They came to the river with their relatives and played in the river at that time. 

Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.