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Compensatory payment, if your dog bit your neighbor = 300,000 yen ($2,970.30 €2,307.69)

According to several news, in Shibuya ward, Tokyo, a rich actor Takashi Sorimachi's dog bit his neighbor at the corridor of his celebrity condominium. When Sorimachi's daughter took their Doberman, it bit the woman's leg. That woman is the wife of a famous designer Kazuwa Sato and she felt uncomfortable every time when she passed that corridor. Finally her family moved to another place. Sorimachi and his wife, actress Nanako Matsushima, paid 300,000 yen ($2,970.30 €2,307.69) to Mrs. Sato as compensatory payment.  After that no one wants to rent the vacant room. The landlord sued the celeb couple and won the case. The courthouse ordered Sorimachi to pay 3,850,000 yen ($38,118.81 €29,615.38) to the landlord. Sorimachi also moved to another place.


Today's headline of Japan 

Tokyo, May 15

Someone jumped into Keihin-Tohoku line at Yurakucho station. It is said the jumper died.


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