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2015 Top 10 Successful Products (Service) in Japan

A magazine Nikkei Trendy reported 2015 hot-selling products in Japan. According to it, the most successful service was Hokuriku Shinkansen. Here is the ranking of 2015 successful products (service) in Japan. All images are linked to Amazon.

No. 10

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Sport 42mmスペースグレイアルミニウムケースとブラックスポーツバンド


Personally I do not have it.


No. 9

Suntory Minami-Alps Tennensui & Yogurina

(mountain spring water)

Bottle maker Suntory explains it as "Clear in appearance but astonishingly delicious flavor combining the tang of yogurt and a refreshing sweetness.
From the Minami-Alps Tennensui brand"

サントリー 南アルプスの天然水&ヨーグリーナ 550ml×24本


Personally I have never had it.


No. 8

Meiji Probio Yogurt PA-3

Manufacturer Maiji says "Meiji’s continuing research into new strains of lactobacilli has resulted in three tasty and functional yogurts that deliver added health value."

明治  プレビオヨーグルト PA-3  112gx12


Personally I have never had it.


No. 7

Choinomi (very light drinking)

It means drinking one glass of alcohol at a fast food shop.

Personally I have never had it.


No. 6

Gaucho pants

snipping ガウチョ パンツ ストライプ リボン 付き クロップド 七分 丈 ワイド パンツ S M L サイズ (M, ホワイト)グレー M (ディーループ)D-LOOP 美脚 ゆったり ライン ガウチョパンツ レディース ワイドパンツ ワイド イージーパンツ ガウチョ バギーパンツ バギー ストライプ クロップド クロップドパンツ ショートパンツ ショーパン 半パン 短パン ハーフパンツ ビッグシルエット ミディアム 半端丈 ひざ下 ひざ上 ひざした ひざうえ ミモレ丈 ミモレ フレア フレアー 膝下 膝上 ロング タックパンツ ウエスト ギャザー ゴム ウエストゴム ワイド キュロット サルエルパンツ サルエル 綿 無地 スラックス 女性 無地 春 夏 秋 冬 119162-005-101


These easy style pants were sold well. 

Personally I do not have them.


No. 5

Coconut oil

JASオーガニック認定 <濃厚> バージンココナッツオイル 有機認定食品 500ml 1個 virgin coconut oil 低温圧搾一番搾り


Coconut oil suddenly got good reputation that the oil is good for health and losing weight.

Personally I have never had it.


No. 4

Doughnuts sold at convenience stores

Since a few years ago, convenience stores started to serve coffee at shops. From last year they started to doughnuts with coffee. And it comes popular.

Personally I have never bought it.


No. 3

Shopping by tourists from foreign countries

Many Chinese people came to Japan, and bought a lot of merchandise.


No. 2

Novel "Hibana"



A comedian Naoki Matayoshi wrote a novel, and the novel got a Japanese literary award Akutagawa Prize. The novel was sold much.

I have not read it yet.


No. 1

Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train)

Last year Hokuriku Shinkansen started its service. It is the first bullet train in Toyama prefecture and Ishikawa prefecture. 

北陸新幹線W7「はくたか」運転室前方展望 金沢→糸魚川 [DVD]


 I have not used it yet.

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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.