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2014 Autumn/Fall Anime Ranking in Japan

An anime site Anikore publishes several anime rankings. I would like to introduce its 2014 Autumn/Fall TV anime ranking by the number of reader's bookmarks. If a TV anime got many reader's bookmarks, its rank got higher. All images are linked to Amazon.


No. 10

Title: 魔弾の王と戦姫 

Title: Lord Marksman and Vanadis

魔弾の王と戦姫 第1巻 [Blu-ray]


No. 9

寄生獣 セイの格率

Parasyte -the maxim-

【Amazon co.jp限定】寄生獣 セイの格率 Blu-ray BOX I(布製ポスター付)

寄生獣 セイの格率 Blu-ray BOX I

寄生獣 セイの格率 Blu-ray BOX I



No. 8


The Seven Deadly Sins

七つの大罪 1 [DVD]


七つの大罪 1 [DVD]

七つの大罪 1 [DVD]



No. 7


Trinity Seven

トリニティセブン 1 BD(初回限定版) [Blu-ray]



No. 6


When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

異能バトルは日常系のなかで  2【初回生産限定版】 [Blu-ray]



No. 5


Le Fruit de la Grisaia

The Fruit of the Grisaia

グリザイアの果実 第6巻(初回限定版) [Blu-ray]



No. 4

Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]

劇場版 Fate/stay night UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS (初回限定版) [Blu-ray]


No. 3


Your Lie in April

【限定】四月は君の嘘 1(完全生産限定版)(クリアブックマーカー付) [Blu-ray]




No. 2


Amagi Brilliant Park


甘城ブリリアントパーク 第1巻 限定版 [Blu-ray]


No. 1



PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス 2 VOL.5 [Blu-ray]



Source is Anikore.


I watched another anime in 2014. It was 俺、ツインテールになります。(Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!). 

【限定】俺、ツインテールになります。Tail:5 (2L型ブロマイド付) [Blu-ray]

An ordinary high school boy who has an obsession for twintail-hair (bunches hair style), transforms into an 129cm tall (4 feet 3 inches) super heroine, like the image below, and fights against monsters who also have obsessions for bunches-hair or other fetishism.




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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.