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Drinking with friends = 7300 yen ($70.19 €51.41)

Yesterday, I went to Yokohama to meet with my old friends in an annual reunion. We went to an izakaya restaurant and spent 4 hours at there. It cost 7300 yen  ($70.19 €51.41) per person. I usually spend 4000-5000 yen at drinking. But this time the cost was almost double of usual expense. 

Generally we fix number of participants and our budget in advance, then tell it to the restaurant. In this case, the restaurant can prepare viands within the budget. Our cost will be 4000-5000 yen ($45, €30).

Unfortunately some of my friends are not reliable and we did not know whether he shows up or not. So we could not fix our plan of budget and members. It is likely that the drinking cost is getting higher if we do not have the fixed budget reservation. It is the reason why the cost was higher than usual.



Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.