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Losing weight methods in Japan (2013)

One of the diet-related site introduces interesting methods of losing weight.

Method Method How to do it
夕飯早めダイエット Eating supper in early time diet Eating supper in early evening
ヨガダイエット Yoga diet  
キャベツダイエット Cabbage diet Eating cabbage at every meal, then reduce others instead
ウォーキングダイエット Walking diet  
バナナダイエット Banana diet Eating banana and drinking room temperature water at breakfast
低炭水化物ダイエット Low-carbohydrate diet Reducing to eat carbohydrate
豆乳ダイエット Soy milk diet Drinking soy milk 30 minutes before meal
豆腐ダイエット Tofu diet Eating tofu at supper instead of rice
プチ絶食ダイエット Petit fasting diet Taking only vegetable juice, yogurt and water for 1-3 days
りんごダイエット Apple diet Eating only apples for 3 days


I have heard several methods of them. But it was the first time for me to hear Eating supper in early time diet, Cabbage diet, Banana diet, Tofu diet, Petit fasting diet, and Apple diet.


Green Tea Pudding = 99 yen ($1.02 €0.75)

I bought a cup of green tea pudding for 69 yen. It was a discounted price. The original price was 99 yen ($1.02 €0.75). Its color and taste was strange.



Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.