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Let's experience a school lunch = 280 yen ($2.89 €2.12)

Last Saturday was an open-school day of my son's elementary school. The event of testing the school lunch was held. I signed up to attend it in advance, then I paid 280 yen ($2.89 €2.12) for it at the event. It was planned by PTA.

I ate a following lunch, including rice with mushroom, Japanese Spanish mackerel (Grilled fish), vegetable soup, milk.



Top 10 Searched Sightseeing Spots in Tokyo

Here is the ranking by access number to the page of sightseeing spots in Tokyo among the tourist-guide site るるぶ.com as of 2013 Oct.

Rank Sightseeing spot   Locale
1 Cat Street キャットストリート Omotesando
2 Edo-Tokyo Museum 江戸東京博物館 Ryogoku
3 Fuji TV headquarters building フジテレビ本社ビル Odaiba
4 Ghibli Museum, Mitaka 三鷹の森ジブリ美術館 Mitaka
5 Tokyo JOYPOLIS [amusement park] 東京ジョイポリス[遊園地] Odaiba
6 Tokyo Sky Tree [Tower] 東京スカイツリー(R)[タワー] Asakusa
7 Brahms Street ブラームスの小径[散歩道] Harajuku
8 Sensoji Temple (Asakusa Kannon) 浅草寺(浅草観音)[社寺] Asakusa
9 Sunshine Aquarium サンシャイン水族館 Ikebukuro
10 Ameyoko mall (Ameyoko) アメ横商店街(アメ横) Ueno


Source is るるぶ.com.

Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.