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Ambulance Response Time in Tokyo

In Tokyo, many non-critical condition patients call ambulances. The numbers of those calls are increasing every year. And the numbers of ambulance services are also increasing. Finally ambulance response time from a call to arrival is getting longer year by year. The following data shows the average ambulance response time in Tokyo.

Year Number of dispatches Time
2009 688,631 6 min. 18 sec.
2010 700,981 6 min. 48 sec.
2011 724,436 7 min. 10 sec.
2012 741,702 7 min. 35 sec.
2013 749,032 7 min. 54 sec.

Figure : Average ambulance response time in Tokyo, 2009-2013


Figure : Number of ambulance dispatched in Tokyo, 2009-2013


Source is a public relations paper "Tokyo Shobo (とうきょう消防) No. 16", issued by Tokyo Fire Department on 2015 Feb. 22.

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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.