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What Vegetable is Most Consumed in Japan

According to the statistics by the government, the most consumed vegetable is cabbage. Onion is the second. I do not think that white radish (rank 3 vegetable) is common outside Japan. The following table shows yearly consumption of vegetables by purchased volume (unit: gram).

It is the average figure from 2011 to 2013. The survey was conducted by the Japanese government and target people were families which consist of more than two members. So this data does not include single households. 

Vegetable Purchased Volume (g)
Cabbage  18,012
Onion  15,907
White Radish (daikon) 13,473
Tomato  11,605
Potato  10,813
Carrot  8,680
Chinese cabbage (hakusai) 8,444
Cucumber  8,394
Sprout  7,079
Lettuce  5,935
Leek (negi) 5,030
Pumpkin  4,553
Eggplant  4,481
Broccoli  3,674
Spinach  3,441
Sweet potato  2,899
Green pepper  2,639
Beans 2,243
Taro (satoimo) 2,140
Burdock  1,970
Shiitake mushrooms 1,651
Lotus root  1,394
Bamboo shoot  988
Others 26,738

White raddish (daikon)



Chinese cabbage (hakusai)






Taro (satoimo)



Shiitake mushrooms



Lotus root




Source is Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.


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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.