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Statistics of Cyber Crime in Japan

National Police Agency published the statistics of cyber crimes in Japan which were reported in 2012. According to it, fraud was the most committed cyber crimes. Here are the statistics of Internet crimes.

  Type of crime Arrested cases
合計 Total 6,613
詐欺 Fraud 1,357
児童買春・児童ポルノ法違反(児童ポルノ Child Pornography 1,085
わいせつ物頒布等 Distribution of obscene material 929
青少年保護育成条例違反 Ordinance of Juvenile Protection violation 520
著作権法違反 Violation of copyright law 472
児童買春・児童ポルノ法違反(児童買春) Child Prostitution 435
出会い系サイト規制法違反 Violation of Dating Site Control Act 363
商標法違反 Trademark Law violation 184
不正競争防止法違反 Violation of Unfair Competition Prevention Law 92
ストーカー規制法違反 Violation of Stalker Regulation Law 78
脅迫 Intimidation 162
その他 Other 936



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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.