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81,111 people missing, 79,730 found in 2012 in Japan

81,111 cases of missing persons were reported to the police in 2012 in Japan.  It included cases of running away from home. 79,730 persons were found in 2012. It included missing cases reported before 2011. The following is the list of reason of missing (runaway).

Reason Reason Number of missing
家庭関係 Family issue 17863 22%
認知症 Dementia, like Alzheimer 9607 12%
事業・職業関係 Business issue 8624 11%
疾病関係 Health issue 5790 7%
異性関係 Sexual relationship issue 2088 3%
学業関係 Study issue 2343 3%
犯罪関係 Crime related 676 1%
その他 Other 21183 26%
不詳 Unknown 12937 16%
合計 Total 81111 100%

Source is National Police Agency.


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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.