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Drinking at a Japanese pub = 5000 yen ($49.02 €38.46)

Today I have been to a Japanese pub to drink sour, talked with my friends. I spent 3 hours at the pub. It cost = 5000 yen ($49.02 €38.46). We ordered the following foods.


fried fish cake


yakitori, grilled chicken on a skewer


calamari, squid


goya champuru (goya, or bittermelon, fried with pork, tofu, egg, and other vegetables)f:id:nbakki:20130601224835j:plain



Today's headline of Japan

Gunma June 1

3-years-old girl was abandoned by her Filipina mother, died at home by starving. Her mother left her and her 14-years-old sister when she returned to Philippines temporarily. The mother outbound from Japan on February 9th. The little girl died around February 18th. The mother gave the elder sister 10,000 yen ($100) as living expense when she left. The police arrested the mother today. She is admitting she was responsible for it. 

Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.