Cost of Living and Price Reports from Tokyo, Japan. You can download the Excel list of items+prices I posted.

English translation of the monthly report "Retail prices of major products in Tokyo" published by Tokyo Metropolitan government can be downloaded also.

Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.

10 Biggest Railway Companies in Japan (excluding former National Railway)

There are 2 groups of railway companies in Japan; JR group and the rest of companies. JR companies used to be one company; Japan National Railway (JNR). JNR was denationalized and divided into 7 companies in 1980s. In this post, I mention about only the non-JR companies, because statistics method is different between 2 groups.

The following shows the ranking of railway companies by passengers in Japan. It does not include JRs. Source is 日本民営鉄道協会 THE ASSOCIATION OF JAPANESE PRIVATE RAILWAYS.


No.1 Tokyo Metro

Tokyo Metro is one of the subway networks under Tokyo.


No.2 Tokyo Kyuko  

Tokyu covers southern part of big-Tokyo.


No.3 Tobu  

Tobu covers northen part of big-Tokyo.


No.4 Odakyu

Odakyu runs between Shinjuku and Hakone.


No.5 Keio  

Keio covers western part of big-Tokyo.


No.6 Seibu  

Seibu covers north-western part of big-Tokyo.


No.7 Hankyu  

Hankyu runs from Kyoto to Kobe through Osaka.


No.8 Kinkinihon Tetsudo

Kintetsu covers wide area from Nagoya to Osaka.


No.9 Keihin Kyuko  

Keikyu runs from Tokyo to Miura city though Yokohama.


No.10 Nagoya Tetsudo

Meitetsu covers big-Nagoya.


No.11 Keihan  

Keihan runs between Kyoto and Osaka.


No.12 Keisei  

Keisei covers Chiba area, including Narita airport.


No.13 Sagami Tetsudo

Sotetsu covers western part of Yokohama. 


No.14 Nankai

Nankai runs between Osaka and Wakayama.


No.15 Hanshin

Hanshin runs between Osaka and Kobe. 


No.16 Nishinihon Tetsudo

Nishitetsu covers Fukuoka prefecture, Kyushu.


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Here is the table format data.

    Company 2011 Passengers unit:1000 2010  Changes Rate
1 東京メトロ Tokyo Metro 2,277,596 2,302,198 ▼24,602 ▼1.1
2 東急 Tokyu 1,065,364 1,062,590 2,774 0.3
3 東武 Tobu 855,714 863,087 ▼7,373 ▼0.9
4 小田急 Odakyu 708,685 710,405 ▼1,720 ▼0.2
5 京王 Keio 619,063 625,439 ▼6,376 ▼1.0
6 西武 Seibu 610,325 617,771 ▼7,446 ▼1.2
7 阪急 Hankyu 608,632 603,233 5,399 0.9
8 近鉄 Kintetsu 566,061 573,522 ▼7,461 ▼1.3
9 京急 Keikyu 431,046 437,351 ▼6,305 ▼1.4
10 名鉄 Meitetsu 344,382 340,386 3,996 1.2
11 京阪 Keihan 279,092 280,271 ▼1,179 ▼0.4
12 京成 Keisei 255,590 258,809 ▼3,219 ▼1.2
13 相鉄 Sotetsu 224,810 227,577 ▼2,767 ▼1.2
14 南海 Nankai 223,484 226,065 ▼2,581 ▼1.1
15 阪神 Hanshin 218,560 205,202 13,358 6.5
16 西鉄 Nishitetsu 98,239 99,097 ▼858 ▼0.9

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Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.

In terms of the cost of living information, you can download the Excel price list of goods I posted.

English translation of the monthly report "Retail prices of major products in Tokyo" published by Tokyo Metropolitan government can be downloaded also.